Revolution Post Driver Testimonial

Greg Burton - Burton Fencing | Telescopic SS


Greg Burton has been in the fencing industry since the age of 14 years old and operates all over the country doing anything from deer to pest control fencing.



Revolution Post Driver Testimonial

Tony White - White Fencing | Telescopic 180


Tony is the designer of the Revolution Telescopic 180 Post Driver. Watch as he talks us through the benefits of having this piece of equipment in steep, slippery country.



Revolution Post Driver Testimonial

MDL Fencing  | Telescopic SS


Mark Lugtigheid from MDL Fencing in the Waikato and his Revolution Telescopic SS side mounted post driver.



Revolution Post Driver Testimonial

Renner Contracting Ltd - Marlborough | Telescopic 180


Renner Contracting Ltd purchased a Revolution Telescopic 180 Postdriver some years back. They initially purchased one to do specialist vineyard work but the team found it so versatile in their fencing side of the business they purchased a second machine 3 years ago. They are a family business and do a lot of fencing and Vineyard work in the Marlborough region. Watch as Mike Renner discusses his thoughts on Revolutions Telescopic 180.




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