Rear mounted post drivers are traditionally designed as entry level models and Revolution have made a heavy duty rear mounted post driver that has many points of difference, While offering the buyer a well priced product.


The RAMMER RM has everything that you would want on a well built rear mounted Postdriver including a heavy duty 4 metre high mast, 3 bank hydraulics, a 250 kg hammer, 76 mm main hinge pin that is specially mounted with a low hinge point.


as they are simplistic in their base design and scope of movement when compared to a side mounted or rotational design. This being said there is a strong market for rear mounts that offer solidarity and for those people who like the positioning between the tractor tyres or on excavators.

Designed by a fencing contractor



Built by Engineers



Sold Direct

Revolution RAMMER RM


4 m heavy duty mast

3 bank hydraulics

Independent valve bank mounting

250 kg hammer

76 mm main hinge pin with UHMWPE bush & anti wear pads




Shifta (400 mm side to side base movement in RAMMER base)



Converter Base – sidemount attachment


1 m sideshift

Can be used out either side of tractor with a manual adjustment





Automated Auger kit

Modified augers

Automated Rock Spike kit

90mm Rock Spike

Rock Spike post cap


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