Why a Revolution?


Where’s the weight carried on a Revolution

Telescopic 180?


The weight of the post driver (model weighs 1100 kg) on the Telescopic 180 is carried similar to any sidemount, close to the back wheel, with the added advantage of being able to be transferred to the side that it’s needed.


When climbing a steep slope you can place the weight of the post driver either topside left or right.


The subframe can be easily lifted by two men prior to assembly and believe it or not the reality is no counterweight is needed.

What’s the point of having a hydraulic leg?


Revolution offers hydraulic legs on all our 180, Swinga  and sidemount models.


There are two hydraulic leg options on the Revolution Telescopic 180, one under the right hand side of the subframe & one under the mast.


On the sidemounted Revolution Telescopic SS model we offer a hydraulic Leg option under the mast.


Having a hydraulic leg under the mast helps to level up the mast on uneven ground and is especially recommended when using a Rock spike to help alleviate stresses.

Advantages of base movement


Base movement is everything if you want to maintain fast efficient systems. It eliminates the need to get on and off the tractor more than once per post and it increase safety immeasurably when moving around in awkward or hilly terrain.


Revolution offers advantages not only of reaching into awkward tight areas but also providing you with the base movement to drive posts when the going gets less than ideal.


The picture on the right shows the 180’s reach across a drain, “so what you’d come in from the other side”, not when there’s no access........


The photo at the bottom was taken during a really wet winter, above tractor is hillside with poor traction due to greasy conditions, fence line runs along edge of bush, stumps abound, cattle tracks have impacted ground into ruts, goes down into a gully, pictures never reflect contour. Note ground wire in relation to where foot is being driven.......

Can the Telescopic and Xtenda masts can be used while at any height including compact to drive posts?


Yes one of the major benefits of Revolutions two hydraulic mast options – the Telescopic or Xtenda mast is that they can be at any height, depending on ground conditions, to drive posts. When the masts are fully extended to start a strainer they then follow the posts down via the valve bank lever to maintain the range of fall.

What other benefits are there with a telescopic mast?


Balance; compactness; strength; all adjustments to height fast & efficient; angles; pulling posts & strainers; lifting strainers, poles, rolls of netting; driving to ground level.


Take the post cap off and the Strainer/post can be driven to ground level.

What’s the difference in bases between the

Revolution Telescopic SM and the Revolution Telescopic SS?


The Revolution Telescopic SS is a uniquely designed sidemount. It was launched onto the market in October 2003 as the result of requests for the Revolution Telescopic mast to be placed onto a sidemount.


When setting about designing the SS Tony White used the concept of twin beams fabricated together to create stability in the base to help eliminate the slop that normally develops in the main hinge area. This coupled with the design of Revolutions main pin has meant the design concept has been most successful. Says Andrew Ferguson, Ferguson Contractors “I’ve had my Telescopic SS coming up 4 years and there is virtually no slop in the base of the mast. There is still excellent control while driving posts and no need to replace the postdriver because of wear and tear. We’ve used this postdriver with a Rock Spike in the volcanic rock area around Mangere and it’s worked in a Contracting situation for its living”


The Revolution SM was designed as a “mainstream” option to the Telescopic SS, with a single beam base but with an aim of retaining some of the Telescopic SS benefits - such as main pin configuration; Mast angles of 57 degrees across line, in line mast angles of 30 degrees; 900 mm sideshift; option for 900 mm forward/aft; large floatation feet; independently mounted valve bank and use of UHMWPE between all moving parts. Providing an option of the Xtenda mast on the SM model has further increased the appeal of the Revolution SM.

What’s the difference between the Telescopic and Xtenda mast?


Revolutions Telescopic mast is offered on the 180, SS and RM in the Revolution Range.

The Xtenda mast is offered on the RAMMER Xtenda Swinga and RAMMER Xtenda RM in the RAMMER Range.



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