Telescopic Mast Auto Auger & Rock Spike Kits



Revolutions Auto  Auger & Rock Spike Kits fit directly to the Telescopic mast and it’s the mast action that extracts the rock spike or lifts the Auger out of the driven/drilled hole. The two kits are easily interchangeable.


Both kits are located on the tractor side so they are not located on the operator’s side. This is seen as a huge advantage by operators as they have an unobstructed clear view down the fence line.


A development in June 2007, instigated by Hawkes Bay Fencing Contractor Mark Little and actioned by Waipukurau Fencing Contractor Sam Meadows onto their Revolution Telescopic SS’s has seen an automated system put onto both kits. This means that the kits are now brought around into operating position automatically via a hydraulic ram and returned to storage position in the same manner.


Revolution has since refined the system and made the auto feed easily interchangeable so the one auto field can be used on both kits when the Buyer has purchased the Rock Spike/Auger Combo.


This Automated system is a notable safety improvement and also an invaluable aid when working in steep country. It has now become a standard feature on Revolution Rock Spike and Auger kits given the benefits it provides to the operator for ease of usage combined with a safety improvement.

Automated Rock Spike


The Auto Rock Spike kit fits directly to the Telescopic Mast and the Telescopic Mast extracts the driven Rock Spike.


The 90mm Rock Spike is hi-med tensile Swedish hollow steel with a solid end and bisalloy tip. This means the Rock Spike weighs approx. 72 kg and is much more manageable to handle. This is another Revolution innovation introduced in 2003.

Rock Spike Postcap


Revolution has a specially designed post cap for Rock Spiking. The design enables the ring to hold the Rock Spike in position while driving, another added safety benefit.


" Standard Contractors postcap on top, Rock Spike postcap on bottom"

Auto Auger Kit


The Auto Auger kit fits directly to the telescopic mast and the drilling is powered by a hydraulic motor.


The Head plate with Auto ram is bolted to the mast and the shaft section with hydraulic motor is attached to the mast via two pins making it easily removable or interchangeable with the Auto Rock Spike kit.


The Telescopic mast helps extract the Auger once the hole is drilled and the Telescopic mast combined with the base movement a Revolution postdriver provides allows operators to keep the Auger straight while drilling resulting in a plumb hole. Kerikeri Fencing Contractor Darryl Robb used to use a Dingo to drill his security fencing holes on jobs before He got his Revolution Postdriver. Since getting the Revolution set up He drills the holes himself as He finds He can keep them plumb, eliminating the cost of getting in an outside contractor.


Revolution recommends left hand augers as they help reduce stress on the mounting brackets as the torque is working back towards the mast face not away from it.


Revolution now offers two series of Augers.


The Series A Augers and pilots have been developed by Taradale Fencing Contractor Mark Little in conjunction with TACCA. Mark augers every hole and does not use a Rock Spike. Mark has developed two pilots – one for drilling through pan and papa etc. The other pilot is used in Rock shingle, river bed situations and helps to roll aside stones. TACCA hand cuts the pilots, reshapes the teeth and hardens the Auger flights. This process gives reportedly 25 % more power to the Auger motor.


The Series B Augers and pilots are Digga brand. The pilots are tungsten and were selected by Revolution after investigation of the various suppliers.


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