Revolution Telescopic SS


For those in the market for a beautifully balanced side mount with the scope to provide you with an efficient one man operation then the Revolution Telescopic SS is for you.


The Telescopic SS has been designed with balance in mind – travelling compact while you move around the farm or job. One of the first comments made is “I don’t feel the whip like I used to & it’s a much better feeling”, with the added benefits of reduced wear and tear.


The Telescopic SS is two post drivers in one- there is a twin beam base designed to widen the area between the legs to help reduce the slop that develops in a traditional sidemount.

With 900 mm of side shift the need to clear the tractor wheel was one of the first design features. Added as an option is 900 mm forward and back shift, which creates nearly a square metre of base movement, resulting in a truly efficient one man operation.


Revolutions Telescopic mast adds to the concept of balance and scope as found elsewhere in this design. The ability to use the Telescopic mast at the height required, lift green strainers, drive foots into ground level all add up to ease of operation.


While the Telescopic SS is the heaviest of the Revolution Range it remains weight efficient, with the importance of the inherent balance and scope gaining full meaning and value over time.


Designed by a fencing contractor



Built by Engineers



Sold Direct



Vertical Mast height extended 5.1m

Vertical Mast height compacted 3.3m

Angled compact height 2.7m

Mast pull out posts/strainers

Will drive to ground level




900mm side shift

Twin beam base

Reach from rear tractor wheel 3.1m




Best balanced side shift on the market

Replaceable UHMWPE antiwear pads and bushes

Sandblasted 2 pac paint

Independent valve bank mounting




900mm forward/aft movement creating nearly a square metre of base movement

Hydraulic leg

300kg hammer

Automated Auger kit

Modified augers

Automated Rock Spike kit

90mm Rock Spike

Rock Spike post cap


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